Chairman's Message

Message from Chairman

I am immensely pleased to serve the prestigious pace setting Indian School. I thank Jubail Indian community for choosing me as one of their representatives. I am really grateful to the honorable MC members, Principal, School staff for the trust and confidence bestowed on me.

Our management committee will perform its functions by strictly abiding the guidelines set by CBSE, the Ministry of Education, K.S.A USR and HB. The members of management committees’ perceptions and presentations may differ in many ways with each other but our objectives are alike i.e. welfare of students, staff and parents. I am sure we are united to execute our responsibilities with great cohesion.

The year 2019-20 will be focused in Academic, Administrative and financial excellence as per the revised, remodeled CBSE guidelines issued recently. The management committee is committed to guard the heritage of IISJ in terms of astounding Board Result, quality education and excellent student and parent satisfaction. We will be with the HOI to implement all recent changes brought in by CBSE.

The patronage of H.E. Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is phenominal and we remain indebted to His Excellency, Observer of all the Indian schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Colonel. Maneesh Nagpal, SM, Defense Attache for his guidance and support. I thank Hussain Al Magboul, Deputy Director, MOE for his continued support and guidance.  

We feel proud to have highly qualified, enlightened and cooperative parent community. It is praiseworthy to have the support of EOI, MOE and HB. We place on record our gratitude to the Higher Board for their untiring efforts in supporting our school to impart quality education.