• 07-Apr-2020   Information regarding Book Distribution, Transfer Certificate, School Fee and Admission  -   
  • 07-Apr-2020   Book list with price- Classes I to XII- 2020-21  -   
  • 07-Apr-2020   Circular to parents regarding notes on school website  -   
  • 05-Apr-2020   Book Distribution Schedule for Class IX Boys-2020-21  -   
  • 05-Apr-2020   Book Distribution Schedule for Class IX Girls-2020-21  -   
  • 05-Apr-2020   Time Table for Online Classes through ZOOM-Classes 10 & 12- Girls Section  -   
  • 05-Apr-2020   Time Table for Online Classes through ZOOM-Classes 10 & 12- Boys Section  -   
  • 04-Apr-2020   Corrigendum regarding Board Examination in Foreign countries from CBSE  -   
  • 02-Apr-2020   CBSE Circular Regards to Cancellation of Board Classes X and XII..  -   
  • 02-Apr-2020   Revised Circular Regarding Promotion and other details for Academic Year 2020-21  -   
  • 01-Apr-2020   Recorded videos of class X Students Session 2020-21...  -   
  • 01-Apr-2020   Recorded videos of class XII Students Session 2020-21...  -   
  • 30-Mar-2020   Book List of Academic Year 2020-21 From Classes KG - 12  -   
  • 29-Mar-2020   Video classes for Students of Classes X and XII Session 2020-21..   -   
  • 24-Mar-2020   Pay the School Fee online without any additional charges - Help Document...  -   
  • 21-Mar-2020   Suspension of Activities Related to Admin Office...  -   
  • 19-Mar-2020   CBSE Circular - postponement of Board Exams classes X & XII   -   
  • 15-Mar-2020   New Admissions 2020-21 Suspended till further orders..   -   
  • 12-Mar-2020   Board Exams postponed till further order for classes X and XII   -   
  • 11-Mar-2020   Cancellation of Annual Exams 2019-20  -   
  • 11-Mar-2020   Pay The School Fee Online Without any Additional Charges..  -   
  • 11-Mar-2020   Scheduled Admission Tests and Interviews postponed till further notice...  -   
  • 10-Mar-2020   Admin Office timings with effect from 11.03.2020  -   
  • 10-Mar-2020   Quotations invited for Fabrication, Supply and Installation of KG Section Play Area  -   
  • 08-Mar-2020   School will remain closed from 9 March 2020 till further notice   -   
  • 04-Mar-2020   Regarding recovering fee dues of School  -   
  • 29-Feb-2020   Schedule for showing evaluated Answer Scripts of Gulf Sahodaya Examination to students...  -   
  • 27-Feb-2020   Admission Notification for classes LKG and UKG for Academic Year 2020-21  -   
  • 27-Feb-2020   Admission Notification for classes 1 to 9 for Academic Year 2020-21  -   
  • 20-Feb-2020   Quotations invited for High speed document scanner and software for evaluating OMR Sheets  -   
  • 19-Feb-2020   Quotations invited for Printing School Magazine (ECHO)  -   
  • 18-Feb-2020   Class X and XII Boys availing School Transport should come as per Girls Section schedule during Board Exams  -   
  • 13-Jan-2020   Students are not allowed to enter the School in self-driven vehicles  -   
  • 04-Jan-2020   CONDOLENCE MESSAGE  -   
  • 02-Jan-2020   Time Table of Board Examination-Class X- Feb-March 2020  -   
  • 02-Jan-2020   Time Table of Board Examination-Class XII- Feb-March 2020  -   
  • 27-Nov-2019   Vacation Schedule for the Academic Year 2020-21  -   
  • 10-Nov-2019   Seats are available in school transport for certain routes .. Please contact Transport Supervisor  -   
  • 29-Oct-2019   IIS Jubail- Employment Database Update Form for potential Teaching and Non-teaching employees...  -   
  • 20-Oct-2019   Sample Question Papers and Marking Scheme for Class XII and X Board Exam 2019-20 are available on the CBSE Website.  -   
  • 07-Oct-2019   Charter for IIS Jubail Parents.....  -   
  • 26-Sep-2019   Stationery Items supply for Company Sponsored Students 2019-20  -   
  • 03-Sep-2019   Online Fee Payment and POS (Card swiping) at cash counter are kept on hold with effect from 4.9.19 till further notice  -   
  • 16-May-2019   CBSE-Letter to parents  -   
  • 09-May-2019   Register to pay the School Fee Online....  -   
  • 09-May-2019   POSCO (Protection Of Child from Sexual Offenses) Committee 2019-20- SPG  -   
  • 06-May-2019   Parents can pay School Fees Online  -   
  • 05-May-2019   POSCO (Protection Of Child from Sexual Offenses) Committee 2019-20- JPS  -   
  • 18-Apr-2019   CBSE Booklet for Class 12 Students  -   
  • 30-Mar-2019   Direct Admission to Classes 10 and 12 for Students coming from Middle East Countries on transfer Regarding  -   
  • 05-Mar-2019   No New Admissions for Foreign Nationals as per Instructions from Ministry of Education  -   
  • 27-Feb-2019   Help Document for Online Admission Registration   -   
  • 13-Jan-2019   Introduction of two levels of Mathematics for Class X from the Academic Session ending March,2020 onwards  -   
  • 09-May-2018   Common Email Id for all Embassy Schools  -   
  • Welcome to IISJ

    Welcome to International National Indian School Al-Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia....


    Chairman's Message

    I am very much pleased to serve the IISJ. I thank the Jubail community for making me one of their representative. I am really grateful and thankful to the...


    Principal's Message

    My ideas and my thoughts always revolve around curriculum load, schoolbag load, homework load, societal load and unrealistic high expectation load on the child...


    Our Mission

    Intelligence plus character is the goal of true Education. IIS Jubail strives to produce Intellectually Enlightened, Emotionally Balance. Morally Upright, Socially Committed, Accomplished and integrally formed Young Global Citizens. Who will agents of Social Transformation in today’s World

    Our Vision

    IS Jubail aims to be institute of excellence dedicated to producing good human beings and respectable global citizen.